Post-Sale Support – What you Need to Know

Customer Support

We find that one of the largest factors our customers consider is post-sale support, because with this type of purchase there will, without a doubt, be a need for it.

It is best to inquire with your prospective software company at the beginning of your search as to which types of support are offered, will these fit your needs, and which types of support the software developer will require you to have.

Below are just a few questions to ask yourself and your prospective software company regarding post-sale support.

  1. Will you designate someone in your office to get trained in the entire system to help manage future inquiries from staff? This can help alleviate redundant and possibly expensive calls to the software development team and allows for the expectation of due diligence from your employees.
  2. Will there be in-house training or will your training happen remotely? This is a question you should work closely with your software company to answer. In-house training is always the best option but could lead to additional, yet worthwhile costs.
  3. After the agreed upon personnel training is completed, will there be additional support available if needed? All credible software companies have thoroughly thought-out and developed training processes. Once standard training is complete and your company has gone “live”, there should always be options for additional support.
  4. How do they provide technical support? Software companies should always offer multiple options for technical support i.e. email, phone or website.
  5. Is technical support free or does it have to be paid for? This varies to a great extent from company to company, something to consider.
  6. What if you need to add additional users? Most software companies will likely charge to add additional users.

The truth is as consumers, we don’t know what we don’t know; the answer is to research & know your position. As always, feel free to give us a call 541.330.5483 or email us and ask any questions that come to mind.