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RDB Solutions
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 by Steve Laughlin, The Buying Source

"Contract Expert has helped our sales team and forest products buyers by allowing them to display available contracts and open market loads in one location. Where the sales team can look in one app and see everything available to sell for any certain period of time. It’s a very easy program that you can easily organize and maintain open market/contract loads as well as ship week, sell price, or quantity available. One of the best parts of the app is the ability to track which customers the loads have been sold to and the sell price.  I highly suggest the app to anyone."

 by Janice Powell – Powell Lumber Sales

"The Lumber Expert program designed and implemented by RDB Solutions has been a great time saver for our company. We are a small office and we were being overwhelmed by the duplication of information we had to input into other programs on the market. We found out about Lumber Expert through several of our customers. We were on the verge of having to hire additional staff just to keep up with the quantity of information that we had to enter on other programs to get the financial updates and invoicing done on a daily basis. Kevin Stanton did a great job training us to use the program and he and his support staff are amazing at getting back to us quickly when we need any kind of guidance on a given situation or problem. The program interacts with our different computers in the office so there is no duplication of input. What a time saver! We would highly recommend the Lumber Expert program and RDB Solutions to anyone in the lumber business!"

 by Andy West – High Desert Trading Inc

"RDB solutions has provided us with an excellent accounting software product. Second to none. The service has been excellent. Kevin is spot on with service."

 by Pat Mawhinney – Vice President/Trader – Lumber Specialists, LLC

"For several years, our company used another accounting software product. It had been so modified and customized to match our order entry and accounting needs that it became nearly impossible to teach new employees how to use it. I first heard about Lumber Expert at a trade show and was very interested in seeing a demo.

IMMEDIATELY, I was impressed!! I couldn’t believe there was a lumber trading software product written, designed, developed, and labeled in lumber-related terms by a group that understood the entire lumber sales process. What took so much time to complete before was now simplified into just a few actions, forms, pages, layouts, and click-through menus that were labeled in a manner that needed no extra explanation.

The switch to Lumber Expert was 1000 times easier than I had anticipated. A rep came to our site and spent several days working with our team during the transition. They were readily available by phone and email afterward. My only wish is that we had made the sensible change to Lumber Expert years before we did. Now our sales team can focus more on sales instead of trying to work with an odd, non-industry related software system. Lumber Expert (Trader Expert) makes our company more efficient, reliable, and effective."

 by Mark Kennon – Trader – Lumber Specialists

"I have been using Trader Expert for about 4 months now. It has made my day to day operations much faster to complete. Order processing takes me about a third of the time it used to. The tracking of orders and follow -up is so easy it allows me the time to do much-needed business development. Truck Order and Logistics are very fast. All in all a big time saver and organizational plus. I would recommend to anyone in the industry."

 by Kriste Lance – Office Manager – The Buying Source, LLC​​

"The Buying Source, LLC have been operating on Lumber/Trader Expert for several years now. Lumber Expert is the core of financial reporting for our company. After using a couple of other Software programs for small businesses, Lumber Expert is by far the most suited program for our industry.

Order Entry is straightforward and retains all pertinent information for each order. Orders are easily converted into invoices with just a few steps. Customers may receive their invoices electronically, therefore, the turnaround for payment is more adequate. Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements are effortless with the exceptional record-keeping you will find in LE. The steps are minimal. AR Collections allows you to keep track of past due invoices & keep notes that may be essential when collecting from customers.

I have 4 bank accounts to reconcile & the Bank Reconciliation module saves me loads of time & frustration. User mistakes do happen but with the multiple reporting options, available errors on any transactions are easy to account for & correct. Being able to keep track of late shipments, past due accounts, credit limits, customer & vendor purchasing history, just to name a few aids in keeping our business running efficiently.

Technical support is rarely needed but for those few times Kevin has been available & on top of what we needed."


 by Kevin Stanton

"We believe that customers are the driving force that defines RDB Solutions and our offerings. Our goal is to stay current, stay ahead of marketplace demands, and exceed clients’ expectations."

 by Mike Gambee, Shamrock Building Materials Inc.

"RDB Solutions has provided services to Shamrock Building Materials for over 20 years. They have customized their software to accommodate our growth and diverse product mix whenever the need has arisen."

 by Rebecca West, High Desert Trading Inc.

"The Lumber Expert software provided by RDB Solutions and their technical Support is hands down the only software to use in the Lumber Industry."

 by Doug Priaulx – Priaulx Forest Products

"Priaulx Forest Products and Lumber Expert have been a great fit for 7 years. We added Lbr.Ex. in 2013 and it has made a big impact on our company with the ease of entering Purchases and Order Confirmations. Financial documents are at the press of a button, and the checks and balances in the inventory system give you the confidence to know your tallies and totals are always correct. In the odd time where we do make a mistake and have an issue, Kevin is always there in a timely manner to help get us back on track. My highest recommendation."

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