Introducing Project Expert

project expertWe are thrilled to introduce Project Expert – a solution that streamlines complex, multi-unit project management, reduces errors, and enables better, more profitable decision-making throughout your project’s lifecycle.

Here’s a breakdown of a few key features:

  • Project Management. Efficiently manage complex projects, increasing your ability to handle more projects simultaneously or take on larger projects.
  • Material Status (Take Off). Track the status of materials from when they’re ordered to when they’re shipped to when they’re invoiced.
  • RFPs to Multiple Suppliers. Send Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to multiple suppliers for materials or services needed for your project.
  • Customer Quotes. Generate customer quotes and change orders based on “Take Off” data.
  •  Purchase Orders. Create and distribute purchase orders for suppliers, specifying the materials or services you require and the agreed-upon terms.
  • Order Acknowledgements, RFIs, Customer Invoicing. Manage various interactions with suppliers and customers all within a centralized platform.
  • Document Organization. Organize numerous documents associated with projects, making look-ups and retrievals effortless.
  • Drag and Drop Attachments. Simplify the process of adding files and attachments by easily dragging and dropping them into the software.
  • Project Analysis. Analyze project revenues and expenses to assess project profitability and make informed decisions.
  • Integration with Lumber Expert (purchased separately). Optionally, Project Expert can integrate with RDB Solution’s Lumber Expert accounting system, allowing seamless transfer of financial data related to projects for accurate tracking and reporting.

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