Are You Ready for Lumber Expert?

Do you want to work smarter and not harder? At RDB Solutions we have developed our software with you in mind. We Deliver competitive software not only at a value but also more timely. With other companies taking up to a year, yes, I said AN ENTIRE YEAR, we will get you live in as little as 8 weeks!

Is quality important to you? – What sets us apart from our competitors is that you work directly with our software architect and the rest of the development team to ensure the best process while you upgrade to Lumber Expert. In addition to that, our commitment to you is that we will never outsource our support, we keep it available and local.

Do you value convenience? – What better way to increase convenience than to make the easiest software to navigate, that is all in one place.

  • Working remotely? Staggered reopening? Busier than you’ve ever been? We focus on your wants and expectations and work towards helping you achieve your goals in a timely fashion. – No two companies are the same! The software needs for each company can and do vary greatly. You need a company that gets it.
  • We focus on rapid response times. Customers are always looking for fast solutions. *66% of adults say that the most important thing a company can do is value their time. We’ve got you. We Deliver – the right services at the right time.
  • We identify ‘at risk’ issues for you and work to implement effective measures to rehabilitate said issues.

Do you recognize the value? Our focus is not specifically on price or product-specific. Our focus is on the value you find in our products, price, service, and overall experience.

Most importantly – We get it! We know that the environment in which business is done has changed for each company in different ways. Let us help you re-open regardless of what your new-normal looks like.