MRP Express...

MRP Express is a small but very functional MRP/Workflow tracking application capable of handling millions of transactions tracking your customers inventory and work orders.

Customer screen shot:

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"Traveler" screen shot:

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MRP Express can track the progress of your work order through the various stages of production. A "Traveler" is created with stations or processes that the WO requires to go through.

At the end of the process, packing slips can be created from multiple travelers with a couple clicks of the mouse.


Features include:

  • Granular tracking of inventory transactions.
  • Easy setup of users, stations, part categories and parts.
  • Inventory tracking by part #, customer and company-wide.
  • Easy creation of work orders (travelers).
  • Easy creation of packing slips from 1 or more travelers.
  • Built-in reports for scheduling, inventory balances and activity log.
  • Full-featured database with the ability to handle millions of transactions.
  • Available in single-user or network version.